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One of the most popular slot games is video poker, whether it is online or in one of the casinos. When it comes to slots, video poker is probably one of the fairest with a reasonable house edge and the opportunity to affect the outcome. Whilst there are many of different versions of video poker the basics are nearly always the same. You’re trying to get the best poker hand you can from an initial hand of 5 cards. As with normal poker, you get to change cards from zero to all to five cards, once. Payout are based on set payout tables. Some video poker machines have high payouts, others what appears to be low. The difference is often on what is considered to be a ‘winning’ hand. In most casinos, a qualifying payout hand needs to contain a minimum of a pair of jacks - this is the format for most video poker machines - in fact they are often called ‘jacks or better’. Some casinos pay out on a pair of tens or better. Strategy for video poker is no different to normal poker. You are trying to create the best hand possible that contains a pair of jacks or better. In some casinos this may helped by using wild cards, either jokers (2) or two’s (4). These machine may labeled ‘jokers wild’ or ‘deuces wild’. Video poker can be a lot of fun as you battle your wits against a machine. With a royal flush often paying as high as 800 credits, or perhaps even a progressive jackpot, the chances of coming out in front are better than if you were playing standard slots.

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