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Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) transmits voice and multimedia over the Internet Protocol networks. Historically Voice over IP referred to utilising IP to connect the Private Branch Exchange (PBX), now the term VoIP is interchangeably used with IP telephony. VoIP is enabled through a group of methodologies and technologies that are used to deliver voice communication over the internet network, local or wide area networks. VoIP endpoints consist of desktop IP phones, a softphone on a computer, WebRTC-enabled browser and Smartphones. Voice over IP utilises codecs to encode audio into digital data packets, transmits these data packets across an IP network and decodes these data packets back to audio at the recipient end. VoIP decreases the network infrastructure expenses, by removing the use of circuit-switched networks, allowing providers to deliver voice over their private and broadband networks and allowing enterprises to operate in a single data and voice network.



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