iphone not sending text since ios 12.1.2. Timing estimate on when we will see a fix?


iphone not sending text since ios 12.1.2. Timing estimate on when we will see a fix?


Much like many others on this thread, my iPhone XR will not send any text messages. It will make calls, go on internet with LTE, send/recieve imessages and can even recieve texts. However, when I try to send a text, I just get a "message send failure" message with the red "not delivered" message under the text almost immediately. 

Additionally, I have gotten a couple messages saying "could not activate cellular network". 

I was able to resolve the issue for one day by following the advice in the following link: /t5/iPhone/Software-Update-Apple-iOS-12-1-2-12-17-2018/m-p/35288#M10175

However within a day, I got the error message about the cellular network again and the resolution above has not worked since. 

I know about turning off LTE and adding a subject line, but come on. I PAY for LTE each month. Unless virgin mobile is willing to give me my service for free until the issue is fixed, I'm not turning off my LTE. Also, the subject line is a huge pain in the butt. I didn't pay $700 on this phone to be inconvenienced. 

That being said... I have seen on here that "this is a known problem" and the VM team is "working on a solution" my question is: when is your target date for completion? Additionally, I would like to see a statement from the company (not just a customer support associate) confirming that they acknowlege this issue and are working on it. 

In the meantime, has anybody figured out any methods to resolve other than those stated above?



Oh no! That’s definitely not what we like to hear, Jbear. Can you please try to send a text message placing a subject to the message, as if you were sending an e-mail?