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The exact same thing happened to me then i was told after inserting the sim that it was not compatible.  Next i tried to activate on another carrier only to be told that the unlocked XR phs actually  lock to whatever sim is inserted into the phone first .  I cant activated this phone with anyone but sprint now . I even tried to call boost and  have the agent use a the analysis tool they refused and told me that he couldn't do anything else . I am pissed and plan to contact the Better Business Bureau because i feel that this sprint carrier lock should be able to be removed if the company can not provide a service. my phone is literally a paper weight now. Any luck with your situation?

@Miguel7 wrote:
I bought a new iPhone XR from the apple store under the carrier sprint. I swapped my old device iPhone 6s to the iPhone XR so I could get service on the XR. I bought a boost SIM card ,waited till it came and still it’s telling me invalid sim. Can someone please help it’s been almost a month since I got the phone and cannot get service on it


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Hi there, wgreen. Thanks for contacting us. We're sorry for the inconvenience with cell phone. 


We'll be happy to help.  Please, send us a private message with the IMEI or DEC to have a look.