Unlocked VM phone ported to another carrier then repaired by Apple locked to VM!

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Unlocked VM phone ported to another carrier then repaired by Apple locked to VM!

I had an iPhone 5.  Got it unlocked by VM and the iPhone 5 was successfully ported to another carrier.  

It was then observed the battery was swelling and an Apple Genius did a repair which is the usual phone swap.  

On trying to reactivate the repaired iphone 5 on the other carrier, there are nothing but activation errors as the replacement iPhone is now locked back to VM for 1 year before VM will unlock the phone.  

customer support at VM is giving me the royal runaround and basically refusing to unlock the repaired phone, making it a brick essentially.  

Any suggestions as to how to get this moved forward?

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I am having a similar issue with VM. I ported my VM number I have had for 3+ years to another carrier and VM auto kicked me and canceled my account so I couldnt log in anymore. With that, they kept my phone locked so it couldn't be transferred to the new carrier. I called them several times and each time they told me the phone was unlocked. I brought it to Apple Store and they continue to tell me it is locked. So I am also left with a brick thanks to VM saying they have unlocked it when in fact they have not. Buyer beware when buying a phone from these people. You will need to stay with them for the life of your phone or lose what you paid and these things aint cheap nowadays.


Hey there, @jim1234! We'd like to make you aware that when porting your number out to a different company, you are unable to keep the account active in both companies at the same time, that's why after porting your number out, it will no longer work under our company. This situation happens with most carriers when porting numbers. Regarding your other concern, we want you to send us a private message with the MEID number of the phone that you'd like to unlock, alongside with the phone number and pin that was attached to it. We'll do our very best to help!