Unlock the network


Unlock the network

Last month, I bought a second-hand Apple phone in New York. The day before yesterday, when I went abroad to this place, I found that the mobile phone had a network lock. I can't call or send messages here at all. When the mobile phone was purchased, the seller left without any contact information. I can't get in touch with the seller, I don't have a BOOST account, and I can't get in touch with the customer service. This cell phone cost me a month's salary. Now I can't use it at all. I can't contact my family when I go abroad these days. My family are waiting to get in touch with me.

Please help me to unlock the network so that I can get in touch with my family. At present, I am extremely anxious. Mobile phones are so expensive in this place that I can't afford to buy new ones at the moment. My IMEI: *****. Thank you.


Re: Unlock the network

Hello there zihao221. I understand your concern here and I am sorry to inform you that unless you can authenticate the account that's attached to the IMEI we are unable to assist you. Also, the fact that you are outside of coverage and not here in the US we cannot unlock it even if it meets the unlock requirements. Once again I am sorry we cannot help you at this time. But as soon as you are back and are able to provide the necessary info, we may help you.