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Unfortunately, no. Because Boost is a CDMA network and most phones do have SIM cards, Your number is not tied to the SIM card. The SIM card is there only to give those particular phones the 4G LTE signal. Even if you were to remove the SIM card from said phones, You could still make calls, browse the internet and send SMS and MMS messeges using the networks 3G signal. However, some phones like the iPhones require the SIM card to be able to activate. But NO you will not be able to have 2 numbers on 1 device


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To swap devices via your account, these are the steps you must follow:


1 - After you log in with your number and PIN, go to the "Device & Support" tab.


2 - Tap on "Swap phone".


3 - Enter your new phone's MEID.


4 - Confirm the MEID and after doing so, press "Submit".


5 - Review changes and click on "Next". You'll then get a confirmation message telling you that your handset swap successfully went through.


6 - Restart your device, wait 3 to 5 minutes and make sure that LTE shows up at the top-left corner of your screen. Your phone must work without any problem at this point.


Were you able to retrieve your PIN code? I truly hope my information helps you out!