Thoughts on the 12 mini from a new owner


Thoughts on the 12 mini from a new owner

Had a 5c back in the day, as well as a 7, X, and Xs Max as a replacement for a short bit. Used Android every so often since I'm pretty comfy with both operating systems.

- It's super small and comfortable, reminds me of the 5c and 7 a lot in that respect, except that you don't compromise on the bezels.

- Coming from the Xs Max, the size is suuuuper nice, I can not go back to the regular Pro/ProMax anymore.

- Battery lasts me about the same level as my Xs max (day and a half? still really good, no complaints there)

- Great grip with the leather case!

- Camera is decent, the night-shot system is awesome. Went for a late night rumble with some friends the other night and I was amazed at how they had greatly improved the lighting of those shots.

- Speakers are OK, they do the job, nothing more to say.

Overall I think it's a great little gadget, only really upgraded from the X Max because my family friend sold it to me for a fraction of the sale price.

If you're using an X or any iPhone after the X before this year's lineup, I would say skip this one, it's an iterative upgrade if you are content with the performance of your notch-variant.