Phone cracked swap device(URGENT)


Phone cracked swap device(URGENT)

Ok so I am having a issue. Today my phone(LG TRIBUTE) cracked and I needed a new phone. my sister had a iPhone(I am not sure which one, it still has the headphone jack and it looks like a 7) that she was willing to give me being she got a new phone.  Her carrier for the old phone was Verizon but I have boost mobile. First question is if it is possible to transfer her old iPhone(that has a Verizon sim card) to my boost mobile account(by switching my sim card in my (Now Cracked) phone to her iPhone.). I have tried to swap phones on the website but every time I try to swap it this pops up:


db_no_data_found_exception-Client.701:354405067530546 is not found in NMS

Data not found


now the LG TRIBUTE was an older phone I had but the newer phone I got(MOTO) cracked and went black screen so I went back to the LG TRIBUTE and the same error popped up but I sooner or later got it to work. But with this iPhone I have not been able to. Not only that but the Serial Number has letters in it that I can not type in when trying to type in the Serial Number for the phone swap and the MEID and IMEI do not work. All information to help me fix this and swap to this iPhone would be great and much appreciated! 


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