No service on iphone 6


No service on iphone 6

my iphone 6 showes no service


on going issues




switched from metro PCS to boost 3 lines of service all with new Boost mobile iphone 6 


Left store with 2 phones instead

got home and phones will not work have to go out of town no time to go back phones dont work for 10 days 




Return to store where i was told everything is up and running 

Phones still dont work

called customer service representative gets phones to work


I cannot let me dial 611 to get assistance

This happens everyday.

I have been into boost store to get help and they call customer service 

I contacted boost customer service from a store and requested to have new sim card mailed advised 3-5 days 

Never received sim card

requested another sim card 

never received card 

went to boost store again no service 




Broke down on interstate went to call for help ......No service... tried calling 611 call failed. after 2 hours of removing and reinserting sim 

resetting network settings on phone 

dialing ##873283# when i press to call in will not go through

dialing ##25327# says resetting subscriber settings 

i press ok then nothing happens



woke up to phone stating no service 

called boost was hung up on 

called again no resolution 

created this listing ........


So sorry to hear that, Chaley339. We definitely want to look into this for you. Can you please send us a private message with your phone number, PIN, and full address so we can do some investigating?


To send a private message just click on the picture of any Boost Mobile agent and, in the next screen, click "send this user a private message". 


Update sent boost info requested

Thank you! We've replied to your private message. Please check your inbox.


Let me guess........the customer service representative that was working with me went home????
So me not having a cell phone because BOOST MOBILE SERVICE SUCKS isn’t a problem or a concern at all apparently
So MY messages will go UNANSWERED until this representatives next shift at work?
Must be rough to operate a company without any conciquences to accepting payments in my area for 4 G services since August of 2018 when it hasn’t been available according to boost mobile.

Yesterday I was stranded on the interstate Alone and couldn’t call for a tow truck because of no service. I was out there for well over 3 hours begging for my phone to at least function enough to call 611 for boost to help fix my phone so I could call to get help.
Normally people would walked I personally have had several back surgeries and currently filing for disability.....
tried flagging a stranger down...... it’s hard to stop at 70 mph so I didn’t get help that way
When I finally was able to call in I was advised to call 911!
Really Boost mobile?
Call 911!!!!????
Did I mention I’m self employed
911 isn’t free and they can’t help me with a tow truck.

I am a self employed 3rd party reseller.
This problem with my phone has been a “BOOST MOBILE KNOWN ISSUE” since November 2018!
I have been reporting this since
August 2018
When I became a boost customer.

It is impossible for me to complete ANY part of my job without service....
After a month of the being a regular “KNOWN ISSUE” I requested a RESOLUTION..... that’s all I have ever wanted.

Still having same issue

We’re looking into this! Your patience in the meantime is definitely appreciated.