No Phone Service


No Phone Service

Last night I received my new iPhone in the mail. I went on my boost account and put in the MEI number in order to transfer my number to the new phone. Now I am left with 2 phones, neither of which can make phone calls.
I attempted to call Boost to resolve this issue and both phones tell me I have to pay $15 prepay before I can make any calls to any number.
I would like to resolve this issue as immediately as possible as this is very inconvenient.

Re: No Phone Service

Hi there, Rhiannon. Thanks for contacting us. We'll be happy to help. 


Did you program the phone upon activation to catch the service? Please, follow these steps to program the phone: 


0. Turn the phone off and back on 
1. Tap Phone icon. 
2. Tap Key Pad if necessary 
3. Enter ##873283# and Call 
4. Press OK when instructed.