Invalid SIM


Invalid SIM

I just swapped my iPhone SE for an exact replica at the Apple Store yesterday. It will not activate because it says, "Invalid SIM" at the top. Every now and then it will pop up a message saying SIM Failure. When I try to activate it on my own, I get a similar error. I'm not able to call or text anyone. So I can't call Virgin Mobile from here or otherwise because I don't have another phone. Please help. :frowning_face:
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Hi DeadsyDoll. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. You mean that you got a replacement and it is not working? So that means it is the same model than the previous one, correct? Please, send us a private message that includes the new iPhone's IMEI and SIM card #, so we can check it out. To send a Private Message, click my username or picture, then click "send this user a private message".  Thanks! ~AmyM25


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Okay here's an update that might help clear things up a bit. (This might still be a little confusing but I'll try to be as detailed as possible.)

I got my phone replaced at the Apple Store. It's the same exact kind of phone as before, which is a 64g iPhone SE in Rose Gold. However, I didn't get a replacement SIM card from Apple Store right away. They gave me the card from the old phone. That didn't work to give me access to the network. Virgin Mobile said that my previous SIM card was locked to my old phone. They asked me to get a new one from the Apple Store. I went back there, got a new SIM card, that one didn't work. I was told by Apple Store to try Sprint (parent company, I guess) to see about getting a new card from them. I went to the Sprint store and didn't get a new card from them because they said they didn't have access to Virgin Mobile accounts. Okay.... They asked me to try Boost Mobile since they also owned them and it was a similar service to Virgin Mobile. I tried Boost Mobile and they said they didn't have the SIM card I needed. So I finally ended up receiving a new SIM card from Virgin Mobile in the mail. I put it in and activated it. I even called in to make sure everything would go smoothly. It didn't.

I went an entire week without service AT ALL. No phone calls, no internet, no text messages, nothing. When I finally got that SIM card from Virgin Mobile, I still could not send text messages. It has been a week and a half and I STILL cannot text anyone.

What's worse is that the woman from Virgin Mobile's call center said that my phone wasn't working all this time because I hadn't paid my bill. What??? I'm on auto-pay and my bill gets paid automatically. She read off the last payment, which was from auto-pay, and said that I still owed money, even though I didn't. She kept telling me things that didn't make sense and I think many things were lost in translation. I told her I was confused and she jung up on me! She was wrong, wrong, wrong. My phone wasn't working because I had an invalid sim. I even have screenshots from my phone where it actually says, "Invalid SIM" on the screen. I cannot believe what I've had to go through. I've been without service and I've paid for 100% of it as if I did have service.

I called Virgin Mobile again and spoke to someone else who said something about sending a technician to look at the cell tower. I really, truly don't think it's the cell tower, I think it's my phone still. In the mean time, I'm still paying for services that I'm not getting. I'm so frustrated, Amy. I don't know what to do from here. The guy from Virgin Mobile said he would call me on Sunday to see if the cell tower fixed anything but I don't think it will.

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Hello DeadsyDoll. Thank you for bringing this up to our attention. We sincerely apologize for the difficulties you're experiencing. We'd like to review this issue for you. Would you please send us the next information?:

- Phone Number and pin.
- ICC ID or SIM card number.

We'll wait for your response. 


~ Joy P.

Hi @Joy1713
Private message sent!

Thank you for your reply! We'll continue to assist you via private message.


We replied to your private message.