Dropped Connection & Other Irritating Stuff


Dropped Connection & Other Irritating Stuff

The past several months I've been putting up my service connection being repeatedly dropped. This royally stinks when you're driving and you need to use maps in order to guide you and the connection gets dropped. This causes unnecessary stress!!!! I'm trying to go to a specific location and the connection gets dropped leaving me stranded and livid on the side of the road when I could be driving.  If it's not driving, the connection gets dropped when I'm online, and the connection times out. Sometimes, it'll even send messages back as not sent. I've had iPhones that lasted longer than two years. Needless to say, I went to a local Boost store to buy a new phone. This is where it turns into a disgusting experience and I'm tempted to go someplace else after I return the iPhone I purchased yesterday, which in itself was a major insult. 


So, I go to the store thinking that my phone is the problem and I decide to purchase an iPhone 8. A drunk customer came in and started yelling, kicking and screaming at the CSR, terrifying my child. The drunk man wanted to charge his phone because in the past they used to let him. He barged in on my transaction and she did nothing about it. She did absolutely nothing other than apologize to him which set me off because my daughter was crying at this point. The guy was completely belligerent and proceeded to scream and yell at me calling me profane names and cursing further traumatizing my daughter. Still, she did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about it. I was PISSED!!! She said, "What was I supposed to do?" as if I were to instruct her on how to protect her customers. SO I DID!!! I told her she should've kicked him out and called the police, but she was completely passive and just wanted to make the sale on the iPhone 8 from me.


In the end, she lied to me about the whole concept of the purchase and I am returning it today. Somehow I even lost my $5 discount from auto-pay too.  Both my iPhones have the same amount of bars, therefore, I know the antennae in my iPhone 6s is still good. Your service is beyond crap. I'm better off going to Verizon and pay more for better service.


Considering your company traumatized my daughter, lied to me about my phone being defective and then ripping me off on a new phone through a plan, I am NOT one happy customer by ANY means. FIX THIS!