Boost locked my unlocked Iphone xr


Boost locked my unlocked Iphone xr

I bought a Iphone Xr from best buy in November of 2019. I recently went to switch to another carrier but was informed that the phone is locked and they can not unlock. I called the boost support line but they stated there is a 12 month lock on the phone and they cannot remove it? I did not get this phone through a Boost Dealer, or at a discounted price for using Boost Mobile. This was through an Best buy store.


I did NOT buy my phone from Boost Mobile and  I was told my iphone was 100% Unlocked to any carrier.I bought my phone as an unlocked Iphone, at a Verizon store. Both Apple, and Verizon are confused since they said this should be illegal under the 2015 mandated law. This is not there property nor am I under a contract with them and should be removed.


My new provider doesn't have a way to unlock phones. My number is ported to them however, my phone remains locked to Boost Mobile.Just to be clear I am not unhappy with Boost Mobile.I would have still recommended it to friends and family. If anyone knows a way to remove this lock please let me know!

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Re: Boost locked my unlocked Iphone xr

No need to fret, Toasted! We’ve got you. Can you please send me a private message with your phone number and PIN? 


To send a private message just click on the picture of any Boost Mobile agent and, in the next screen, click "send this user a private message".