ZTE Warp Elite - Security Patch - N9518V1.0.0B15

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ZTE Warp Elite - Security Patch - N9518V1.0.0B15

Boost - ZTE Warp Elite (N9518)

Software Version: N9518V1.0.0B15    
Release Date: 6/16/2017  
Method: Available Over the Air  
Hardware Version:      


Google security patch


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Re: ZTE Warp Elite - Security Patch - N9518V1.0.0B15

I finally received the patch. Hope you guys will eventually release Marshmallow for this device to address the RAM and display issues mentioned in other forums.

As relates to the bootloader the carrier in mention is Boost and there are several unlockable devices in their inventory. The G2, G3, Moto E & G and several Galaxy devices just to name a few.

I know software doesn't sale and you guys have a bottom line to deal with so I'm not naive in regards to how the world works. Thanks for the security patch and your attention regarding this matter.