ZTE MAX XL brick in 2 days

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Re: ZTE MAX XL brick in 2 days

Hello theoldiesking! This is not the type of comments we want to see. Can you tell us what happened? We'd like to help. Please sens us a Private Message whit your phone and pin number and tells us more details about the issue.                                                                                                                                          


Re: ZTE MAX XL brick in 2 days

Yes u can. However you have to know how and not do it in a fit or rant! Im sorry but i have to say this... the phone didnt cause u to lose your job for lack of communication, the phone is not the only phone in the entire world, im sure there are payphones, neighbors with phones, or better yet get in a vehicle & take your behind to your job. There is no excuse to use that because u couldnt speak to your boss u lost your job.. lol seems to me that because of your anger with a machine and possibly ppl that really are just resellers and not manufacturers of said device, u decided to let your anger defeat you. I do wish you the best.. and yes i could have fixed it for u as well as many many other ppl in this world. Btw... finally, stop using excuses of why this or that happwns to u, it so unbecoming. Best wishes!!