After the ZTE Max XL I'm DONE with ZTE


After the ZTE Max XL I'm DONE with ZTE

Most of the things written about the ZTE Max XL in the reviews on Boost Mobile's web site are spot on. The memory (RAM) issues are real. The multiple texts and technical errors are all true. The most disappointing thing about the service issues is that neither Boost or ZTE ever came up with any concrete solutions (as customers were uselessly bounced between the two).

Boost never offered any type of buy back or discount on any other devices for customers who were unlucky enough to buy the Max XL. Indeed, the phone continues to be sold on this web site to this day. Iprobably should have switched to Cricket over the issue, but I decided (with my three lines) to stick around until T-Mobile merges with Sprint or Boost is spun off as it's own, separate company as a result of the merger. Either way, I expect customer service to improve. Anyway...

When I first got it, I was willing to overlook all the quirks and problems because the phone was relatively cheap, but that changed over time. Just because a phone is relatively inexpensive doesn't mean that customers shouldn't expect good service—acceptable service. That being said the Max XL is not an acceptable phone.

Probably about two months ago, my wife began to have problems charging her Max XL. I accused her of not respecting electronic equipment (as this was not her first problem with needlessly breaking a phone, tablet or PC due to drops, sleeping on them or whatever). When her phone began to have problems, I thought it was just par for the course. Well, about a month later, I began to have problems charging my phone. It seems that both our charging ports broke about relatively the same time. The Max XL did not hardly last a year—a year with Boost Mobile that has been a little sketchy presumably due to problems directly associated with a sketchy—no, a crappy phone.

I've moved on to a Moto E5 Plus, and I’ve had the phone a couple of days, and so far my wife and I are happy with the switch.

Because of the Max XL, ZTE has certainly lost a customer, and Boost has been put on notice. I’ll hope for better moving forward.


Re: After the ZTE Max XL I'm DONE with ZTE

Hey there, maximuslyricus. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We truly apologize for the poor experience you've had after using a ZTE product. 


We’re always developing based on feedback from our customers. We remain at your service.