Hello fellow Boosters/ Lg owners.

I will start by saying, the Stylo 3 is definitely geared towards a professional or a student as many of it's options and apps pull you to using the stylus and this makes perfect sense, heck it's in the name of the handset. This is all to say, some phones have an evolutionary directive in line with business and presentations, assignments,etc. and others have a course plotted to entertainment.
With implements such as PowerPoint and two apps open at one time the Stylo 3 is obviously a great tool for writing and or copying papers and sending them to professors or bosses prospective employers and the like. At the same time with my last daily driver being the luxuriously large Warp Elite I can't help but notice differences like higher volume with the ZTE Warp Elite and also built in Dolby digital. That handset was obviously built for entertainment and "showiness" I know, I know it's not a word but it was fun to use it.
Back to the matter at hand or handset. The Stylo 3 in keeping with the Stylo series is also very thin and thusly suited to be "suited", in other words this is going to fit very nicely into your suit pocket with little to no notice unlike a model with a heavier build quality like a Galaxy note or ZTE Warp Elite
I will maintain opinion that the Stylo 3 does feel like like a device more at home in a board room than in at a pretty on shelf streaming music.
But alas Boosters this is my first look and I am still getting used to and discovering all the features on the Stylo 3 because the folks at LG really packed em in. I will post more as I become more acclimated with the device. Please let me know if you have any questions or tips and we can trade off, cool?
This is Cubeboy (just a square) signing out, later.

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Great job, man!  Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us.  I hope other customers take the time to do so as well and who knows, maybe we can help you get your hands on that Max XL Robot wink


I Purchased The LG STYLO  III In May... Alongside My LG STYLO II...It's A Splendid Device...Great Specs And Features... Indeed...


Just got the stylo 3 last week. And as a guy that gets so frustrated over the fact that no matter what phone I've had, the keyboards are always less than accommodating of my sizeable fingers. Thus leading to endless retypes due to multiple keys each stroke. Which would also be the case with the stylo if not for the ingenious presence of the embedded stylus which for me is a gift from the tech Gods. The unit also serves all requirements I demand of it. The only con being....serious lack of ram


I've never seen things break like LG products, every house I go into something from lg is messed up, my sister's refridgerator is from LG it's messed u pit's teh only fridge I"ve ever seen mesed up, anyway ignore my bad keyboard the simpel fact of the matter is if you buy LG you're gonna have problems my headphone port on this phone took less than a month to get messed up meanwhile anything else I've had from ANY other company lasts years and years and years, this isn't teh first LG phone I got but I knew exactly what Iw as getting, except I was hoping they'd had done something at all just any effort or whatever nope it's bad physically and the software's terrible I've been using android since the first phone the t-mboile g1 the FIRST android phone I've been using comptuers and technology in general since the late 80's I've sincerely never had multiple guarunteed problems with any other company in my life I really mean it and I've been MUCH MUCH ROUGHER on 90% of my stuff I DIDN'T EVEN HAVE TO DROP THIS PHONE TO MESS UP THE HEADPHONE PORT IT WAS SAFELY IN MY POCKET. 


Excellent review thanks.  I've eyed the Stylo 3 off and on because I need a larger phone due to vision issues but don't want the larger price that could go with them.  I have a Samsung Galaxy J7 and it's not a bad phone but I'm not as impressed with Samsung. 


Wow steveos, man sorry about the bad experience with LG products, but I gotta tell ya, Boost is not responsible for the manufacturing integrity of the handset that you can buy to use on it's service.

I will say that personally I've had generally good experiences with LG. I was not please with my G Stylobut that was also a software issue not hardware. At the same time there are other major brands that I don't bother with at all for the same reasons as yours.

You may consider insuring your handsets in the future if for nothing else than peace of mind. Cases and tempered glass go a long way to help protect your device as well.

Good luck in your future choices!


The NOte 8 is just a better phone plue LG phones are wack for the simple fact they always malfunction... kind of reminds me of HTC phones.

Hey what's up Nastyjrdunk? I just saw your succinctly put tirade on LG devices and I'm amused at the frankness but also I have to say that I do not completely disagree. The LG Stylo 3 Plus that was provided for me to test drive was offered by one of the moderaters here at Boost which I very much appreciate. I have stated in the past the kind of feeling I was left by the G Stylo, the original of the series, and it was not a very good one pretty poor in fact. The Stylo 3 which sure you can see by my review has vastly improved my opinion by it's slew of options alone. But I gotta let you know that I'm a huge ZTE fan and not all experiences with them have been positive but it's my favorite out of the bunch. Although I think Samsung is a better manufacturer than LG and ZTE I'm still going to pick a ZTE as my daily driver, and yes I agree with you as far as Samsung but I know that with Samsung in general you are going to pay premium dollars for premium features and that's fine after all it's a concept that our economy is precipitated on. Just think about it Beats headphones are cheaply made and have a history of muddy over based sound and they demand a premium price tag but lesser known Monster brand headphones have a far better sound (opinion), and way less chance of breaking on you for a lower price range and get this, they are the originators of the entire Beats concept and construction! So all that to say "you may not always get what you pay for but you will always pays for what you get", I think it was Been Franklin that said that. Anyhow I agree with you in a general sense as far as LG vs Samsung but my time with the Stylo 3 showed me there's always room for improvement. Give em a second look one day you might see something you like, me?, I'm trying out the ZTE MAX XL right now and it's the bomb! Holla!

I personally like the lg stylos. I ended up buying the lg stylo 2 and like it as well. I was very excited about the stylo 3 but i just recently purchased a smart tv and im not sure that the stylo 3 has the screen share capability. I haven't found mirroring in any of the specs. Does anyone know if it does? The stylo 2 does not have it. I will definitely want that on my next phone. 


For the love of god make sure you get a glass screen protector and case for this phone. as I'm on my 2nd one since May and both screens have been shattered the first one I had less than a month when it fell on to the pavement out of a tow truck and broke it should have. I didn't have my replacement phone 2 weeks whee the screen got cracked and I'm not even sure how and that set it in motion it is now shattered across the bottom and cracked all over. As far as the phone itself in general I love it Just it is extremely delicate. This is the only phone that I have ever cracked the screen and shattered it the way this one has. I usually run the same phone for around 2 years before it decides to  go swimming on me......LOL