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I've been using the Samsung J3 Emerge for a few weeks now and I have to say, for a mid-budget phone, Samsung has a nice solid phone. With that being said, I keep getting asked, "what do you like most about it?" and it got me thinking. So below are my top 3 features of the Samsung J3 Emerge.


1. Camera

The J3 Emerge comes with a 5MP rear camera with flash and a 2MP front facing camera. It comes with many standard features you come to expect in a budget phone, such as autofocus, variable picture size, and HD video recording. Those features alone wouldn’t make the camera part of my top 3, but it has some additional features that standout for a budget device. First, you have a "Pro" option. Click this and you have the ability to change the f/stop, ISO and white balance.


 CameraEx3.png  CameraEx4.png   Next you have options to select a Panorama mode, continuous shot, sports and a mode called "Sound and Shot" which will let you record background sounds for up to nine seconds when you take your picture. Lastly, you also get multiple Instagram like effects. Swipe to the right while you are in the camera and you get a preview of what each one looks like before you take your shot. All in all, I was surprised what Samsung had packed into this camera.


CameraEx2.jpg    CameraEx1.jpg   CameraEx5.jpg   CameraEx6.jpg


2. Battery management

The next feature in my top 3 is a handy and easy to use app that helps with battery management. We've all been there. We use our phones all day and then next thing you know, you're down to only 20% with no way to charge your phone. Well the J3 Emerge has a battery management app that can will help you extend your battery life. The app gives you two options, Mid and Max. In my tests, I found that the Mid option would give me an extra 5-10 hours of battery and the max option can give you a staggering 69 hours. In addition to doing things like lowering brightness settings and turning location services off, the app also gives you controls over which apps you want to let it run in the background and which ones you want to turn off. All in all, a solid, useful app and it’s nice to see its inclusion in a mid-budget phone like this. 


Battery1.png  Battery2.png


3. Themes

Last, but not least, my third favorite feature on the J3 Emerge is it's ability to change themes. What is a theme? Well, aside from changing wallpapers, themes come with different app icons and widgets. Changing themes have been around through third party apps for some time now, but it's nice to see the manufacturers jumping on board as well. The phone comes preloaded with a couple of different themes but you can also connect to Samsung's theme store and select from a wide range of themes. Some of these themes are free while others cost a few dollars. Overall, if you like the idea of making your phone more unique, then you'll really like this feature.


Well that's my top 3 features. Overall, I've found this to be a nice solid phone. As I've mentioned in my J3 Emerge First Impression blog, I've been a little spoiled over the years with having a premium device, however I have to say that if you are looking for a mid budget phone but have been leery about what you’re getting into, you can rest easy that you'll be getting a good device that comes packed with some awesome features.


I loved my Samsung J3 Emerge until it fell in a puddle and quit working 2 days later. What's my next step?


@lmccarthy6 Oh no, that's terrible. If you have insurance, you can file a claim at Claim Wizard. If you don't happen to have insurance, then my next suggestion would be to contact Samsung and see if they can help you get it repaired. 





@MrsLendl That's so awesome to hear. I'm glad you really like the phone. I agree, it's a solid, agile phone.!


The Samsung Galaxy J3 Emerge Has Everything I Need In A Phone Without The Costly Price. The Samsung Galaxy J3 Emerge Mobile Features A 5.0 (12.7 CM) Display And Runs On Android V6.0.1 (Marshmallow) Operating System.


I absolutely love my J3 Emerge everything on it is awesome!! My question is how can I add a signature to my text messages???


@Countryqueen I did some checking into J3 Emerge's messaging app settings and it doesn't appear to have an option to add a signature to your SMS message. You could certainly look into a third party SMS app as that may give you the option you are looking for but there's no guarantee. 


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I've been trying to root my galaxy j3 emerge for a while now WITHOUT PC. I can't find ANY rooting apps that support my phone. I've tried kingroot, kingoroot, towel root, iroot/vroot, cf root, and rootmaster. What works!?


And yes, I do know the risks.

Community Manager

We really should not discuss rooting devices on our site because rooting your Samsung device will void its warranty. Also, rooting might sometimes result in a bricked device. Most Samsung devices require a PC because ODIN is involved.  Google is your friend.

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