Boost is making my life so much harder than it needs to be...


Boost is making my life so much harder than it needs to be...

I called in to customer service three times today and was put on 30 minute holds between each representative I spoke with. A WASTE of practically five hours and $360. I was informed that I couldn’t complete a boost up order that I had tried to make due to my billing address change and I should take it up with my bank. My bank said no- this is the merchants issue. So I called boost back and was put on hold waiting to be transferred to someone who was supposed to convince me to stay with boost with some sort of deal and she basically just transferred me again to someone to discuss smart pay- I stayed on the line waiting for almost 45 minutes and I had to hang up. My attempts to complete that $59 purchase continued to end with reversals. Three of them. Then Out of the blue while I was on the phone with customer service a THIRD TIME I was charged $61 for the SAME boost up device that was previously a dollar and change cheaper and was informed by customer service that the payment was declined and that the money will be reversed within four hours. I was told by the customer rep to go in to a local boost mobile store, get a new phone there and await the reversal. I went to the boost mobile store and was told by the clerk there that I do not actually qualify for boost up and that is why the purchase did not go through and to wait for the $61 reversal. I then bought a new iPhone 6s at the store- one that I did not want simply because I need a phone for work. As soon as I get home- having paid $300 for a phone that I DID NOT WANT!!! the payment on the iPhone 8 that I wanted all along FINALLY went through and the device had already been shipped. I know I should return the 6S to the store I purchased it from but will I get back ALL of the money I wasted during this ordeal? Also- why did the order total change? And- if my monthly bill is $50/mo and the boost up add on is $33/mo then why is my March bill running me $90?

Re: Boost is making my life so much harder than it needs to be...

Hello, @Indigochai. We apologize for this experience. Definitely want to look into this for you. Please send us a Private Message with your phone number and PIN. 


You can send a private message by clicking on my name, then selecting the message option from the profile page.