suspicious defects in screen glass


suspicious defects in screen glass

I purchased a Samsung Galaxy s10e BoostUp upgrade through the Boost store at 39 E Court St. in Cincinnati.
I had to go through the store because the website purchase form refused to accept the same address my boost billing, credit card, and previously accepted delivery of my old BoostUp s8 went through and was delivered to without a problem.
I attempted to complete the purchase by ohone and the connection was so bad that even if the sales person had been English fluent the drop outs still made the conversation impossible.

So, I made the purchase through the brick and mortar store.
The transaction went smoothly and I walked out with my brand new s10e.

...My screen protector kit showed up from Amazon the next day (today Jan 12 2020).
I cleaned and prepped the surface to receive the cover glass and noticed that upon inspection by reflecting glare across the surface, it was very evident that the screen glass had been deeply scratched, gouged and pitted in a multitude of places and then improperly repolished.
I worked in the semiconductor quartz and instrument industry for 20 years.
I have the technical expertise to make this assertion.
The screen displays a network of shallow valleys, with deeper gouges indicating that a hard abrasive object had been dragged over it under pressure.
These defects were then final polished without being lapped with successively finer abrasive laps to remove the gross imperfections before polishing.

These imperfections DO NOT interfere with either function or visibility but are the mark of inferior quality manufacturing technique.
The same sort of defects ARE NOT present on the screen of my old s8 even after 3 years of hard use.

What these defects do that is objectionable is to prevent the proper seating and sealing of the screen cover.
Small air bubbles remain due to portions of the screen glass having shallow valleys that are deep enough to prevent the cover glass from contacting the screen in small places.

This is not a function problem. The phone works very well.
Neither is it an aesthetic problem under most conditions.

I won't be returning it but I will express my disappointment that my screen is a quality I would have outright rejected when I was making technical glass products....
on an otherwise pristine, elegant and amazing cell phone.
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