Using Google Voice


Using Google Voice

I have used Google Voice with my Boost Account for YEARS. Having just upgraded my phone, no one can hear me when they call my GV# and I can't hear them. It rings twice and immediately goes to VM. However, it continues to ring on my landline and, if I'm available and answer, the GV# works fine on the landline. Any ideas what's wrong and how to fix this? My GV# is printed on all my business-related materials. This is an important issue for me to solve as quickly as possible because I am losing business. Thanks!


Thank you so much for contacting.


By any change does Google Voice have an "Upgrade your account" button? If so, please update your application. If not, please complete the following steps:


1. Please press the Phone icon

3. Enter ##72786#. Last # entered will not show on display

4. SCRTN appears briefly.

5. The phone will power off then power back on.

6. The device will complete the Hands free Activation steps, to program the phone. Will update the PRL, and power off and back on again.


I don't even know how you got your phone to work with Google Voice, since mine isn't compatable at all. 


Been trying to figure this out myself for a long time and FINALLY came up with a work around! Try switching your phone to Do Not Disturb mode, but set it to calls only. This completely bypasses Boost and goes directly to Google Voice, which will then ring your phone! 🙂