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Unlocked Samsung S8

I have an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S8, is it eligible for the BYOD?


Thanks for the information, but not sure what the IMEI is, and how would I find this information as I'm ordering from Amazon........could you enlighten me please?

Thanks in advance.

@Madamd68, IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity, it is a unique number that identifies your device. It can be found in the device settings or on the box of your phone (There is always a sticker on the back of the packaging box that contains the Galaxy S8 IMEI number.) Unfortunately, since your purchasing the device through Amazon, there is no way for you get this information beforehand. We'd suggest you to get the phone from our website, to check our promotions and deals by clicking on the following link: http://boost.co/2vL8KhR.


Hi, have an unlocked s8 with a boost sim card. I just bought brand new. However, I am getting an error when trying to switch my phone. I am a customer. It states on the list the s8 is eligible. How do I activate? Error states "There was a problem with the serial number you entered. Please check your device serial number and try entering it again." I tried the correct number multiple times. Please assist

Thanks for contacting us, SMoore02. We'll be happy to help.  Please, send us a private message your with phone number and PIN, IMEI and SIM card number.  to have a look at your account. .


I just got my S8 in the mail from boost, do i need to have a SIM card to activate it?


Hey there, detervillec! Our devices include a compatible SIM card. It should be inside the phone. You can proceed with your activation in this website http://boost.co/2og7dAU


Purchased an S8+, factory unlocked, direct from Samsung.  This forum was among many places I checked to be certain I was getting what I wanted/needed.

Contacted Boost Support and received this information:

"Please be advised that Boost can only able to activate a Boost phone, selected Sprint phone and unlocked phone from the manufacturer."

They also provided this link:


Following this link, entering my IMEI, I get this message:

"Great news! Your phone is compatible with our network. Now all you need is a Boost Mobile SIM."

Was hoping to just swap SIM cards, and follow the link at My Account to Swap Device, but my older S5 has a MicroSim, the S8+ requires a NanoSim, so I purchased a Sim Kit.  Now, when trying to Swap Device, I get this message:

"This device is not eligible to swap."

So, I contacted Boost by phone.  The first agent eventually said, "I am going to hang up on you now, without even asking for any information about the new phone.  I called back, and this time someone actually took the time to help.  However, he said this phone DOES NOT WORK with Boost.  Again, factory unlocked, direct from Samsung.

I then went back to the link provided via email from Boost Support, entered the IMEI number, and again it says, Great news!

Please advise.  Been with "Sprint" since Nextel days in late 1990's.  Prefer not to leave, but ready to move along if necessary.  This phone is supposed to work on virtually any carrier on planet earth!


Sorry about the experience @bud4unc. Can you please send us a private message with the MEID to verify?


Wanted to follow up with additional information since my problem is likely an issue others with experience as well.


Own several businesses, among these is a company licensed as commercial/residential general contractor and a tech company that specializes in residential networking, controls, automation, audio and video, IoT integration.  Don't provide tech product or service for commercial as these are handled by other Providers that specialize in areas such as corporate networks, security, surveillance, access controls, etc.  Recently, I completed a project for one of these Providers in a brand-new building that contains offices, a training center, a fully equipped kitchen, showers, and a data-center with 8" thick, steel reinforced concrete walls and a concrete ceiling as a considerable physical security barrier, also backed up with redundant power that includes generators to run the entire site so clients are never without service/support.  NEVER WITHOUT SUPPORT!

Say this because I see first-hand the complete absurdity that is mobile communications.  In homes, offices, warehouses, schools or retail stores, we can purchase any number of computers, routers, switches, network cameras, security systems, PHONE systems and controls such as lighting, environmental or locks, and none of these products come with restrictions, limitations, conditions...that lock us into service from any particular ISP.  All that any these require to connect our local area network/equipment through wide area networks is a fiber or copper wire connection to the internet service provider of our choosing.  If any ISP relationship does not work, ALL our equipment will work with any other Provider as the only thing we need is a WAN connection.

WHY do we allow our mobile network providers to treat us as indentured servants, dictating what devices we can buy, where we can buy them, and ultimately how we can use them.

Fortunately, I do not rely on Boost Mobile, or Sprint for that matter, for mission critical services.  Service through Boost is only used for communications with close friends and family, where I can turn all other devices off, and still be connected to these people.

So, BEWARE purchasing a phone outside Boost Mobile, and beware purchasing anything USED, previously owned, from Boost Mobile.

The brand new, factory unlocked Galaxy S8+ just received directly from Samsung is a device I spent considerable time researching prior to purchase.  It is a Galaxy S8+ 64GB (Unlocked) MODEL NUMBER: SM-G955UZKAXAA


This same phone is available from BestBuy, where it has a 4.7 star rating, with 2,613 reviews, and 305 answered questions.


Want to be fair to the people working for Boost Mobile as they seem to be trying to help, but there are things going on with Boost Mobile that are just bizarre.

As example, I was provided a link from Boost Support to check the IMEI of this device.


After entering my IMEI, a message says,

"Your phone is compatible with our network. Now all you need is a Boost Mobile SIM."

However, trying to complete activation as a new customer, and trying to Swap Device while logged into My Account, both fail saying,

"Device does not appear to be eligible for activation."  To me, this is a self-imposed problem as nearly every carrier seems to spend more time layering on Bloatware, and actively working to prevent devices from working on their network, as opposed to making their networks open and compatible with more devices.  Again, how many of you have any problems connecting your mobile devices to the WiFi networks inside your home or office or even at a coffee shope (which I would highly discourage unless behind a VPN)

In a free-market world, and in my humble opinion as a business owner for a quarter century, this is a recipe for destruction for existing mobile service providers, as eventually a disruptive service will emerge that will crush this belligerent mindset.

So, in closing, my intent is, as it is with my professional life, to provide information, to educate, to help others navigate complexities in the hope I can assist in providing for others.  In addition, I intend to be the squeaky wheel, that makes so much noise it cannot be ignored.


Hey there, bud4unc! We apologize for the inconvenience and the delay. We are requesting an update on the escalation that was made for your device.