Samsung j3 emerge 2017


Samsung j3 emerge 2017

I got my new phone a month ago and there is no cracks,dents,water damage, etc perfect condition but my back button stopped working and it comes on randomly and turns back off. And when I plug in my Apple headphones my phone starts randomly clicking and exiting out of all my apps. Need answers on how to fix plz and if anyone else encountered this problem thanks.

Re: Samsung j3 emerge 2017

@Logaeve Oh no, that's not good. You mentioned the that the device "comes on randomly and turns back off", are you referring to the phone powering on and off randomly? As for the headphone issue, have you tried another pair of headphones and if so, do you get the same clicking noises? It might be best to try a factory reset on the phone as this might help with the issues. If it doesn't or you've already tried this, then my next suggestion would be to take your phone into a Boost Service and Repair location. 



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