Samsung Galaxy Z Flip


Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

When will Boost be getting the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip available for purchase? 

***Just and Idea***

If a new phone is "released" and you're expecting to make it available on your network I would think that placing Icon and a Pre-Order option on your site would be a great idea. Customers could select the color, storage and version of the phone they would like with an expected delivery date. A version of this would also work with other phones currently "sold out" on your platform. 


I've been waiting for a Gold iPhone 11 Pro Max 512 GB to become available and figured it would be much easier to order it from apple (unlocked) and just have boost activate it. I would just like the confidence in knowing that if I purchase this phone from apple (unlocked) that it will be compatible with the boost network and I will be good to go.