Samsung Galaxy J3 emerge SIM Card


Samsung Galaxy J3 emerge SIM Card

Ok I'm new to Boost so not sure where to go here. I just got a used Boost J3 emerge phone, but it needs a replacement SIM Card. The phone has two different IMEI Numbers, one behind the battery and a different one in settings. It was definitely previously activated with Boost, but I don't know where to get a SIM Card for this phone, especially since it doesn't even list J3 emerge as one of the models able to be activated anymore, except in Boost Device Support page. The first time I started to activate it, put in the IMEI #, was almost and it said it was previously on a boost network and it was going to cost me an extra $10.00. I continued till I was almost finished. I then opened a different tab, started to look for where to buy a SIM Card for the phone. When I couldn't find anything, I went back to the first time and it had sent me back to the beginning. This time when I went to put in the IMEI #, and every time I tried after that, it said that it couldn't be activated. Now I'm wondering if it's because I stopped during the activation process or if it's because their's no sim card in it, or maybe both. So now I'm stuck having no clue what to do, and hoping I don't have to wait till Monday to figure it out. Please help!


Re: Samsung Galaxy J3 emerge SIM Card

We're sorry to hear that you had this experience, @JessicaJoy78. The SIM card for the Samsung Galaxy J3 Emerge is currently out of stock. In order to get a new one you may need to visit your nearest Boost Mobile store. Once you get the SIM card, we'll help you activate the device. 


Please use our store locator to call the stores in your area and confirm the SIM card is in-stock.