Samsung A50


Samsung A50

Hello everyone,, So I've been looking into upgrading my current phone (Samsung Note 3) for awhile now. Waiting for a decently priced model to come out. Enter the A50. It has everything I've been wanting, at a good price. Here's the problem. I'm currently with Verizon and not looking to switch services. And I've seen a lot of conflicting statements as to if the A50 will work with a Verizon service. I have nano Sim with 4G LTE in my note 3, and I was just planning on switching it over to the A50. But on Amazon it states that it isn't compatible with Verizon services. But on the Verizon site it's available to buy with their service. Just very confused as to what is going on, and what I should do


Re: Samsung A50

Hey there, @lamviec4! Thanks for reaching out to us. Please be advised that our phones are locked, which means if you purchase it from our website or stores, you won't be eligible for an unlock after 12 months of having it active on your Boost account. Also, we do not guarantee the phone to work with Verizon or any other carrier-- even unlocked.