Samsung A20 hanging at activation screen when performing a swap? Look No Further for the solution.


Samsung A20 hanging at activation screen when performing a swap? Look No Further for the solution.

Hi, I am a loyal boost customer that decided one day to upgrade from my LG G6 to the Samsung A20 (not the A20s).

I originally decided to swap my phone via the dashboard when you login to your boost account, however this went terribly wrong when I put in the wrong data and just started clicking like mad. When I completed the online swap, using the IMEI number, I forgot one very basic thing, to pay attention to prompts. This resulted in 4 hours of troubleshooting on the phone with customer support, with no one being able to figure why my phone would not activate successfully. When talking to the customer support agents, they all knew that I used the online portal and that my A20 was registered properly, but it activation. Talked to samsung, sprint and boost... all were scratching their heads. So what the deal? Is it defective? Did I get scammed into buying an old phone that had a jacked up SIM? The questions running through my head were mind boggling. 


Wanna know the reason it wouldn't activate? I ignored two things: the update firmware prompt and selecting that I had the expanded slim slot and entering my SIM card number that was in the phone to being with. As a result, no one, I mean no one, could figure out why my phone wouldn't activate, because they were using the data that I provided in online portal in the first place, which was incorrect come to find out. So if your like me, and you screw stuff up, but then figure it out later, tune in for this PSA. So if this sounds like you go ahead and swap back to your old phone, and factory reset your new A20 and follow the prompts VERY carefully, because when I corrected the following, boom I had service with no issue. 


NOTE: Do not ignore the fact that you MUST update your A20's firmware before you do anything, and then factory reset. Yes you heard me right, your chances of successfully activating this device are slim to absolute 0 without doing so. It even prompts you when switching. DO NOT ignore this at all. *This is for US, not international phones*


1.) Start the swap process on the official boost mobile website.


2.) Enter your IMEI number.


2,) Yes make sure your A20 is a boost compatible phone, easy enough when the phone is new since it is sealed. And then make sure you CHECK the little box that says you have the expanded Sim slot, and yes you must put in your entire sim card number that came with the phone. You need the little tool to access it and its the number ontop of the little white card (also called ICCID number) 


3.) Make sure your old phone and new phone are powered off, and preferably try to do the swap on a computer, (its easier for me that way at least) since both phones are off.


4.) Once you did all that power on your A20 and voila, you should be good to go. 


In conclusion, if you call customer support first, its most likely easier to avoid all this. But if you at all mess anything up in the online portal during the swap... sorry, your info is sealed with support and no one can help you until you swap to your old device and start all over again. 


I learned the hard way, and really advise just calling support FIRST and ditch the online portal with this complicated mess. SO if you SELECT NO with the expanded sim slot question  and do not update your firmware on your A20, congratulations, you have turned your new phone into a literal paper weight and your never gonna activate it. Ive read users on here say they kept buying the same phone over and over and kept having the same problem with not being able to activate them. I am convinced they used the online swap portal and messed it up and just flew through the prompts. 


Bottom line either pay attention the prompts carefully or be prepared to be one of the few and the proud that can safely said they figured out the mystery of the century, that only they themselves created. 


Best of luck, and im sorry but I am not going to update this post hardly if at all, so please look up how to find the stuff im talking about online or just save yourself and call customer support. 




By the way, share this thread to anyone that finds it useful. Many things can go wrong when activating but I also wanted to thank the support team for their wonderful professionalism. Also, you must have a wifi connection to update your A20 device or no dice. Forgot to mention!