Replacement of purchased phone


Replacement of purchased phone

So I'm fairly sure I'm in the dog house on this one now but I'll ask away.
When I received my phone & realized it's battery wasn't a replaceable kind I became concerned.
I decided to test the battery life, so after it was fully charged I placed the Samsung Galaxy S7 next to my old original release Samsung Galaxy 4 which i have had and heavily used including gaming with since the model was released. Much to my dismay the new Samsung Galaxy S7's battery did not last as long as my old Galaxy 4. Again I fully charged them, turned both their wifi's on & just let them sit until one of them turned off.
That night my newer S7 Turned off while my Galaxy 4 still had 43% charge left.
This tells me my new phone wont last nearly as long as my S4, & it wont be usable for my purposes.
So I was going to send it back and get it replaced until I dropped it. To be clear it slipped out of my hand and fell about 1 foot onto a sheet metal prep table at work and the back panel cracked pretty bad. Until that point I had no idea they put glass all around the phone. It's like they designed it to break easier... But nothing else is wrong with the phone other than the battery life is absolutely horrible and the glass case is cracked.

So am I correct in assuming I can't get this phone fixed/replaced now?


Re: Replacement of purchased phone

Hello, @Pwnanite. Thank you for stopping by. Unfortunately, we're unable to replace the device. We're truly sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you. If you have any other questions or concerns, please let us know. We're here to help. -Kira_M.