Questions about Samsung phones


Questions about Samsung phones

Question about Samsung phones

Hi guys, it's been a really long time since I had a Samsung (S3 was the last one I owed). I am on Verizon and currently have a OnePlus 7 Pro but it has a scratched screen so I am looking to replace it. I have been looking for a OnePlus 7T but cannot find one that is Verizon capable new (if you know where, please share!), so my next choice was the unlocked Pixel 4 XL. But I figure if I have to pay $900 for that new, that's pretty close to the unlocked Note 10+, whose square-ish design I like and I may be interested in the pen but that's not the reason I'd buy it.

However, I know that the latest Samsung phones can't be rooted unless you get the Exynos version, which I can't because I'm on Verizon. This is my biggest concern; everything I've heard / know about Samsung is that their update track record is poor once a phone is 1+ year old (I don't even like the fact that Google only does 3 years now...). I'm not big into ROMing specifically, I just do it because I don't want bloatware on my phone. I care more about rooting, but only for one thing: system-wide ad blocking with AdAway.

But I've heard Samsung's bloatware is toned down compared to years ago and OneUI (?) is much better than TouchWiz was. So I guess I'm just looking for any input on how Samsung phones are for someone who traditionally likes "pure" Android, especially if someone can share how well any ad-block solutions work without root with removing annoying ads (would be using Edge).