Question about coverage


Question about coverage

How is Boost in the trip to state area of PA, NJ, and DE? I'm on Metro right now and my phone screen cracked. Neither Metro nor LG will help. My phone screen cracked and I didn't even drop it. So, I'm thinking about going to Boost for their iPhone 6 or their Moto g6 deal. If the coverage is good enough, I'm going to jump ship. I just bought the phone I have now for 179 back in July. The piece of **bleep** should've lasted longer than 5 months.



Re: Question about coverage

Hi jaisonmorgan! Thanks for contacting us. It is our pleasure to assist you. If you'd like, please let us have your address in a private message, so we can verify the coverage for your area. To send a Private Message, click my username or picture, then click "send this user a private message".  Thanks! ~AmyM25