Important Information about the Note 9's two variations (128GB) + (512GB)

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Important Information about the Note 9's two variations (128GB) + (512GB)

This isn't so much of a issue as it is a piece of information for those who are looking to get a Samsung Galaxy Note 9. It was mentioned on many threads that the (Unlocked) Note 9 works on Boost's network, I don't think this other piece of info is mentioned as widely.


The 128GB with 6GB ram variant will work no problem. You might need to make an entirely new account with a new number to properly activate it. At least, that's from my experience because I kept getting the "IMEI is not compatible with this network" error on my old account.


The 512GB with 8GB ram will not. If you try to put in the IMEI for the unlocked model into the swap phone or bring your own phone part of the site, a message will appear saying that the model of phone is not eligible. I'm not exactly sure why this is, but when deciding between both and wanting to remain with Boost, this is something to consider. 


There is something I find a bit strange though. When you view the compatibility list of phones on Boost's Website that can be found on the "Activate Your Device" page after you put in new customer, and new number, the current list seems to contradict the idea of the Note 9 being compatible as well as most of the more recent Samsung and iPhone phones.  Now keep in mind, it says "Eligible phones include" but it still would seem vague for new or existing customers looking at the list. Especially if they already bought the device that would realistically be compatible with the network. 

(I'm not trying to nitpick or bash Boost Mobile by the way- just something I've noticed.)

compatible.png(This is as of 2/15/19)