Well, Here it is. 3:30AM. I've been at it since 2:30PM yesterday when the phone arrived. Having been through the complete despair of losing 3 years of photos and more info than I could imagine in my last phone swap, I was determined to do this one right. I don't need new and fancy junk, just tried and true things that work. I bought (on Nov 26th) a Pre-owned Galaxy S8. It was 2 days before Flack Friday, but I checked everywhere and no sales were advertised on pre-owned S8's. Placed the order and instantly the phone was stuck in Indiana., After waiting a full week, it arrived today. Now the fun begins. I tried to start transferring things over right away. I wouldn't touch a thing on my old phone until I knew EVERYTHING was on the new one. Not even a deactivation because that's how my last one was wiped. Now the fun.

The next day, it goes on sale. $20 off. Naturally, I call to advise them that it hadn't left the warehouse yet and was already $20 Cheaper. They aptly informed me that the only recourse of action would be to wait until it arrived, refuse the package from the shipper and return to sender. After up to 8 weeks, the money would be credited back to my account and I could buy a new phone,  which would obviously mean it was assumed that I was a broke joke. Nice. They basically told me to eat turd instead of throwing a $20 credit on my account. I'll take the hit as an experience before I slap it toward an uninvolved third party.

Next, Samsung has locked up the Galaxy S8 Bootloader. All the customization on my fully owned phone--Gone. Forced to deal with the bloatware hogging space and resources that I always use up/run out of. Now Samsung and Sprint are both telling me to suck eggs. Why do you people still pay money for something they can't even fix? It's like buying a car with the hood welded shut.

Today, Phone arrives. No way to get in to the phone without activation. No Wifi, No internet, No Bluetooth, nothing. I couldn't even transfer a picture. Warnings all over about nothing provisioned or registered.

I call tech support. A funny message about the phone being on lease to sprint has me concerned, but they tell me that it's just because I hadn't registered it on the network yet... which I did NOT want to do yet. No Bootloader mod, No way to get rid of it. Tech support threw me right over to Samsung who basically laughed at me and said That's not on our end". I got nowhere... again.


I fought with this for the entire day today. Nothing would work. No APN, Proxy, DNS or IP settings would make a difference. It was just ejecting my wifi and loading an exclamation point next to the icon.. I finally broke and tried to activate on the website. NOPE! Click swap device and the page just went blank.  Tried over and over for over an hour. Nothing.. Tried to call and swap but hey, boost closes now! When did that start? Didn't this entire company start on the needs of jacked up suburbia where there ain't no rest for the wicked?


Finally performed a full factory reset on the new phone and got the option to swap devices in the setup menu. It's now 3AM and I finally have my phone on and registered to the Boost network. My files and pictures are beginning to transfer as I sweat bullets that this thing works because if I have to activate my old phone again, I'll lose everything. Here it is, the moment of truth and it looks like all is,.... DEVICE RESTRICTED???? Sprint still owns a lease on the phone. Wifi off. Exclamation mark. No service. Full Stop. No more Transfers. No Phone. No clients. Snow Falling., Plows ready to roll. Nobody can call.

You fools shipped me a phone that's still locked... which I searched and found you seem to do A LOT! Such a waste.. Corporate Greed will be the death of you. As for me and my 12ish years loyal to Boost, I've about had it. This was just the last straw. I don't dare reactivate the old phone as the precious cargo in that memory bank is 18 months of first child "firsts". Your techs are untrained. Your customers don't matter. Your devices are defective and your communication in non-existent. There are 15 others just like you, and they're still trying to make it big. Get off your high horse and focus on your demographic. After all, they're the ones that built you. They will drop you with this junk. I'm going shopping, You'll be getting your paperweight back. I can't use it anyway. I see you'll be hitting me with a $25 restocking fee and I also get to pay shipping if I'm not mistaken? Neat! I have to go buy a burner phone in the morning and activate it just to get my service back. This teeters on the line of cruel and unusual punishment. Hey, now it's 4:15AM. Sleep deprivation is good for you, right? This story is going everywhere I go. Unbelievable. ....and yea, I am angry. It's 4:15AM!



By the way, when I dialed the sprint number in the popup, it automatically identifies me as a Boost user and switches me to Boost customer service. If I tell it I'm a sprint customer, it wants my Sprint phone number. After mashing a bunch of keys in frustration, it just told me they were closed anyway. This is the first time I have ever been upset to buy a new phone. 14hours and I can't even so much as see a contact name.