Bought a pre owned galaxy s9+and the screen is burned in


Bought a pre owned galaxy s9+and the screen is burned in

I just bought a pre owned galaxy s9+ and received it around 12 hours ago. First thing I noticed is the screen is burned in.
It looks like someone has watched YouTube without using fullscreen for a ridiculous number of hours. The bottom two thirds of the phone is tinted red and there's a distinct line between the normally colored part of the phone and the burned in part.
Also at the very bottom where the home key, back key, and task manager button would be on a bar is tinted even darker red.

I use the immersive mode and hide that bar completely and it makes it really noticeable. I even notice it while watching videos
. I was under the impression that all phones would be in great condition and gently used. This phone definitely does not fit into the category of gently used.

The buttons don't click at all the gap between the glass and the screen is very dirty, the earpiece is dirty, the part that separates the phone from the camera has a small gap which is also dirty, all of the ports on the bottom look worn and filthy.

I don't know if it's both of the loud speakers or just one but either way they're busted and it sounds horrible at more than 30 or 40 percent volume.
Also the battery has doesn't last very long even if I turn the brightness down and turn on medium power saving mode.

What can I do about this? I really like having boost mobile service and have bought a galaxy s8 recently, which, may I add was in near mint condition and had absolutely nothing wrong with it.

I like this phone quite a bit and would like to keep it but for the price I paid for it and the claims made by the website it should be in way better condition than it is.

I could definitely deal with paying 10 dollars for shipping if this one either gets repaired or replaced with one that meets the claim of "gently used" that is stated on the website.
I would consider one in as good condition as my s8 when I received it acceptable.
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