Boost Mobile insurance is a complete joke. Don't buy it.


Boost Mobile insurance is a complete joke. Don't buy it.

I got a Boost LG phone in July 2018 after being with Sprint for 2 years. I have excellent credit and always pay on time. The other day I noticed my LG Galaxy wasn't charging and it was acting up for about a month. I finally filed an insurance claim on it because I didn't know what else to do? The insurance company told me the phone was less than a year old so I would have to send it back to the manufacturer. Later that night I noticed my phone had a cracked screen so I understood why I was having so much trouble with it. The next day I went back to Boost and called the insurance company and I told them I needed to escalate my claim. I was also told that each time I took any action with the insurance I would be billed 20 dollars which is nonrefundable. So I am now in the hole 40 dollars with no phone and the lady tells me it would two business days before I got a decision on my claim. Yesterday I go back to Boost only to learn that my claim had been rejected. 

   I had fully anticipated this decision concerning these greedy low lives at this insurance company. I could tell by talking to them on the phone that I was dealing with a group of possibly illegal immigrants from Pakistan or some where in the middle east. There wasn't an American voice of anyone I had talked to. That will tell you right there what you can expect from them. So I went and upgraded to a much better phone a Galaxy J3 for 95 dollars. I also bought a rapid charger at Walmart for 25 dollars and it is also a portable battery pack. I highly recommend that because there is nothing worse than having a dead phone all the time. I also installed a 32GB SD card which I had bought at Walmart some time ago for 22 dollars. I have been led to believe the 32GB card can hold some 300 thousand songs. I bought a protective case for 20 bucks and I told Boost to take the Pakistani insurance and shove it where the sun don't shine.

   Now what am I going to do about this rejected claim? The guys and gals at Boost and this insurance company are going to absolutely love me when I get done with them. There going to wish to God they had just paid for the replacement phone for me. I went to an excellent college for 5 and a half years to earn a Bachelor's degree as a High School Earth Science teacher. So of course, I write pretty well as I am sure you are all discovering by now. First off I am going to Yelp, then I am going to write a scathing review of Boost Mobile and this insurance company warning people away from that deal. That will roost them alive after a couple of weeks of being posted. I am sure it will cost both companies hundreds if not several thousand potential future accounts. Over the course of a year of being posted, it might cost them 10 thousand accounts.  Boost Mobile will probably have to invest quite a few employee hours just to deal with this incoming complaint.

    You know what they say people, pay back!

  Steven Moore

  Hamilton, Ohio 45013

  Oh, I never do anything and not identify myself. By identifying myself I know my complaints will have a much more devastating effect. Have a great weekend Boost.