Boost Mobile insurance is a complete joke. Don't buy it.


Boost Mobile insurance is a complete joke. Don't buy it.

I got a Boost LG phone in July 2018 after being with Sprint for 2 years. I have excellent credit and always pay on time. The other day I noticed my LG Galaxy wasn't charging and it was acting up for about a month. I finally filed an insurance claim on it because I didn't know what else to do? The insurance company told me the phone was less than a year old so I would have to send it back to the manufacturer. Later that night I noticed my phone had a cracked screen so I understood why I was having so much trouble with it. The next day I went back to Boost and called the insurance company and I told them I needed to escalate my claim. I was also told that each time I took any action with the insurance I would be billed 20 dollars which is nonrefundable. So I am now in the hole 40 dollars with no phone and the lady tells me it would two business days before I got a decision on my claim. Yesterday I go back to Boost only to learn that my claim had been rejected. 

   I had fully anticipated this decision concerning these greedy low lives at this insurance company. I could tell by talking to them on the phone that I was dealing with a group of possibly illegal immigrants from Pakistan or some where in the middle east. There wasn't an American voice of anyone I had talked to. That will tell you right there what you can expect from them. So I went and upgraded to a much better phone a Galaxy J3 for 95 dollars. I also bought a rapid charger at Walmart for 25 dollars and it is also a portable battery pack. I highly recommend that because there is nothing worse than having a dead phone all the time. I also installed a 32GB SD card which I had bought at Walmart some time ago for 22 dollars. I have been led to believe the 32GB card can hold some 300 thousand songs. I bought a protective case for 20 bucks and I told Boost to take the Pakistani insurance and shove it where the sun don't shine.

   Now what am I going to do about this rejected claim? The guys and gals at Boost and this insurance company are going to absolutely love me when I get done with them. There going to wish to God they had just paid for the replacement phone for me. I went to an excellent college for 5 and a half years to earn a Bachelor's degree as a High School Earth Science teacher. So of course, I write pretty well as I am sure you are all discovering by now. First off I am going to Yelp, then I am going to write a scathing review of Boost Mobile and this insurance company warning people away from that deal. That will roost them alive after a couple of weeks of being posted. I am sure it will cost both companies hundreds if not several thousand potential future accounts. Over the course of a year of being posted, it might cost them 10 thousand accounts.  Boost Mobile will probably have to invest quite a few employee hours just to deal with this incoming complaint.

    You know what they say people, pay back!

  Steven Moore

  Hamilton, Ohio 45013

  Oh, I never do anything and not identify myself. By identifying myself I know my complaints will have a much more devastating effect. Have a great weekend Boost.


Joy1713 and Team
I Don't know how to make a New thread yet, to thank You and the boost community team for An Outstanding job listening and solving problems !
Not only Did you and your community respond quickly, but you credited me $25 for what i went through but I will be receiving my replacement phone tomorrow!! .
It was never about the money, it's how you treat people , care about their issue and delivering results!
You reversed my nightmare, and restored my faith.
Not to mention saving a loyal customer from leaving.
☆☆☆☆☆ I will be bragging about the Excellent attention to my issue and outstanding service. I received HERE Online to my 2000 Friends and Family on FB, Instagram and Snapchat.
@Joy1713 I wish I could send you flowers. Kudos. Kudos.

I was right there with ya until ya meandered off into batcrap crazy racist land out of nowhere. Jeez, man, the employees' country of origin has nothing to do with anything! Bet you'd have a first if they sat around calling you an entitled American, hot headed, blag blah blah.

Hahahahahahah! Yeah right. If any of you at Boost had bothered to deal with the scammer insurance company, my boyfriend wouldn't be getting reamed by them now! At least pass him the economy jug of lube!

I literally only switched to Boost for the free phone and to save money by joining my boyfriend's family plan. Been here maybe 4 months or so and already see this was a mistake. I NEVER had problems with Cricket!

That’s interesting. How about we take a closer look? We want to help! Please send me a private message with more details on what's going on.