Best mode to watch hdr movies


Best mode to watch hdr movies

My tv is samsung 40 inch 4k tv (forgot model)

So I've usually watch movies on dynamic mode for non-hdr movies. (People have been saying this is not good, no idea why the picture is really good here.) But recently I've been reading that movie mode is better but I found it too dark to my liking cause dynamic lit up (which one is better?)

Now I tried watching hdr movies, and I noticed that it's darker than non hdr movies. Do I watch this already hdr in movie mode or dynamic mode? Cause it's already dark and putting in hdr+ or movie mode made it more darker (is that how it's supposed to be watch?) And sometimes I have to squint real hard to see what's happening. I don't get why they like watching something this dark (imagine if you watch game of thrones season 8 episode 3 on this.)

So then do I use hdr+ only for non-hdr movies? Or?


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