Growing Data? NOPE


Growing Data? NOPE

I have not received even 1 kilobyte of extra data on my plan. What is the issue? My wife in the same boat.


I would definately appreciate this getting fixed. I have not had great success with your phone reps, starting with the time they erased my 25 bucks that was on my account for the referral program. That caused my account to suspend because I had only added 5 bucks to my account (since 25 was already in there).


Then they made me pay to turn back on. I wrote that 25 bucks off because it took day after day of calling them to come to the final result of 25 bucks being lost from my account. Then I was double charged. That took 4 months to be refunded. Why do I stay? I don't want the hassle of transferring to another company. I assumed that the company we chose to give our business to, with our hard earned money, would honor it's end of the bargain.


I didn't have voicemail for a year because phone reps told me voice mail is free so it doesn't have to work. I said I pay for the service and expect to have the service and the extra features that are advertised to be included. They didn't agree. That is bad business.  If one sees an advertisement for "BUY A LARGE PIZZA GET A FREE CINNAMON STICKS!!!" and purchases a large pizza while not receiving the free cinnamon sticks, it would be wrong. This is the same thing. 


I was promised a free month of service which I never received (after a week of calling and talking to different reps that would hang up, I finally escalated the call myself to a supervisor, then his supervisor. They would not escalate the call. It took many attempts to finally get it escalated from the initial phone reps that answered my calls.)


This reads as a great review.




Re: Growing Data? NOPE

@SoFarNoGood We sincerely apologize for the difficulties you're experiencing. We'll do our best to resolve this in a timely manner. Would you please be so kind to send us a Private Message with your Phone Number and PIN, so we can further assist you? We'll wait for your response. ~ Joy
~ Joy P.

Re: Growing Data? NOPE i private messaged you days ago.


it is still sitting in your inbox UNREAD.


and i am still throttled on my data for no good reason.


Re: Growing Data? NOPE



After sending my number and pin via private message, getting asked to send it again...sending it again...getting asked what the issue is...getting asked to send number and pin again...


I received a reply apologizing for the delay and letting me know that from this billing cycle my data has grown.


Thank you for finally resolving this. I do feel a bit bad for the snarky tone of my first post. I had come to the end of my rope. But sincerely, thank you for resolving my issue.