COVID-19 Response for Boost Mobile Customers

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COVID-19 Response for Boost Mobile Customers

What is Boost Mobile doing for Customers regarding COVID-19 Response?

Every Prepaid Phone Provider is doing something except Boost Mobile.
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Does Boost Have a policy like most other utilities?

Call 611 That's the customer care phone number.

The recording will ask are you calling about your phone number. If so, press 1.
After that Press 0, then press 0 again.
Then the recording will ask why you want to speak to a customer care agent.
They will give you some choices.
When prompted press 2 because you want to talk about your account.

After that the recording will get some information from you.

That would be your 4 digit PIN. It's the one you use to sign in to your account.

Then you just wait until they answer. I waited one hour and forty minutes. I just put the phone on speaker and went about my business.

When customer care started talking, I asked them are they helping their customers. They said yes. I gave them my four digit PIN and he proceeded to do whatever it is they do. He told me it was paid for two months.
I couldn't believe it so I asked him if he meant March and April and he said yes.
I thanked him and we both hung up.
Good luck.

I went to the Boost Mobile app too check if they paid my bill.
I clicked on "Visit my account" website.
Sign in.

I don't think technical support is up and running. They are encouraging people to use their website.

Can BOOST MOBILE help me with my payment that was due today? I have called in various occasionas without resolution. I can't pay my mobile because I am not working, as everyone else, for the virus. Are you going to give me a two month credit as other companies are doing? I already wrote in this
page earlier. PLEASE, I NEED MY PHONE.

I and my wife also have no service and have the covid-19 boost is doing nothing to help its customers and they are just brushing all these comments off bs company


I and my wife both are out of work because we have the COVID-19 boost still cut our service, not a good company they are just playing this out