mobile hot spot


mobile hot spot

I have a plan thats no longer offered and it comes off a credit card automatically every month. I'm staying at a friends house for a couple of weeks and she has no wifi so I'm using all my data up really quick. I know I can get a 30 day data pack but what about an add on for a hotspot. I see they have recurring and 30 day ones but if I make a plan change I can't get the plan I have now back cuz its not offered anymore. Can I get the 30 wifi hotspot addon without messing up my plan and also get a 30 day data pack also

Hi Ccatches.


Our Mobile Hotspot service is available as an add-on option for select devices and some of our older monthly plans. Activating a Mobile Hotspot package does not modify your plan type, nor does it require it. If your plan is compatible with a Hotspot package, you'll be fine.