Returned iPhone NIGHTMARE

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Returned iPhone NIGHTMARE

I purchased a black iPhone 7 Plus through on 8-30-18.  The following week, I received a rose gold iPhone 7 Plus.  I initiated the returns process and mailed the phone back to the returns facility, referencing the ESN and the RMA number.  This was shipped w/ tracking via USPS.  It was delivered to their returns facility within the 7 day timeframe.  Here is proof of shipment and delivery:



In boost's email to me, they stated that it'd take 7-14 business days from the date of returned delivery (9-4-18) for me to receive a refund.  I've been hounding them ever since that 14 business day window expired.  It is currently business day 38 and still no refund.  Today, they just sent me an email indicating that the package/phone has been lost by them, but that I NEED TO PROVIDE THEM WITH THE PHONE'S SERIAL NUMBER.  At no point did they ever tell me I needed to record the phone's serial number for future reference.  They refuse to refund me my $422.39, despite my written proof of shipment and delivery.


This is an absolute joke of a situation.  They send me the incorrect phone to begin with.  I comply with all of their instructions in order to receive a refund, they LOSE THE PHONE ONCE IT'S IN THEIR POSSESSION, but claim they can't refund me since I don't have a serial number to provide them (again, they never told me I needed to write down the serial number for any reason).