I cannot receive calls from certain people


I cannot receive calls from certain people

My grandparents who live 5 minutes from me call me everyday on my cell phone.  On and off for over a month now I cannot receive their calls from neither their cell phone (Tmobile) or their landline.  When they try to call me it takes at least 40 seconds for the phone to ring on their end, but my phone NEVER rings or shows that someone is or has been calling me.  The same thing also happens when my mom tries to call me from her landline but she can call me with no problem from her cell phone (Boost).  My grandfather has spent days on the phone with T mobile and has since figured out he cannot call anyone with a 758 number and T mobile has no idea why.  Understandable that ok his cell phone just doesn't like me even though up until a month ago he could call me with no problem.  BUT that does not explain why he cannot call me from his landline.  With that reasoning I spent a huge amount of time on the phone yesterday with Boost trying to figure out what's going on.  The customer service people are completely inept at listening to what I'm telling them.  Each time I've called in they have all had me do the same thing after I told them I had just got done doing that with the last person I talked too.  They think that because they can call me and it goes through that it's working.  So I hang up call my grandfather and have him try to call me again.  It still DOES NOT WORK from either of his phones.  I do not have their numbers block because that was the first thing I checked thinking maybe I accidentally did it.  They're not blocked and they're not forwarded.  Why is it the 3 people I talk to the most cannot call me???  I'm so very irritated, and no one at Boost has any intelligent answers for me!!!  After spending a lot of time on the phone yesterday and emailing (still no respons) I'm about done.  I've been with Boost for a very long time and really liked it until all of this.  Now I'm at my wits end.


Re: I cannot receive calls from certain people

Hi there @LaceyReid88!


I would feel exactly like you if I would be in your situation, as it's totally understandable to feel frustrated when you need your service to keep in touch with your beloved ones. Please accept my apologies for the hard time this has caused.


To better help you, please send me a private message with the below details:


- Your mobile number.


- Your PIN code.


- A complete cross-street address.


I'll certainly do my best to help you and I'll be looking forward to your reply as well.


- Robert.