Hotspot Cut Off

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Hotspot Cut Off

I recently switched to a 20GB hotspot allowance which I finally received after over 6 attempts talking with people and discovered I was placed in a family plan I didn't know about and had my hotspot data used by someone else under a different account. I think the service, when no issues arise, is great. But when something doesn't work, it's very difficult to resolve the issues. I tried downloading a large file tonight that I've been waiting a while to receive. At 80% complete my hotspot is cut off at 14.3GB. I had 5 left to go and would've been under 20GB, however I cannot get hotspot anymore even though I'm only at 14.3GB. And if I finally get through to a live person I know it will be the first of many that will not fix the issue until a person finally does help, whether they have me do a reset on my phone with a weird code or call back, etc. Also with auto re-boost I'm supposed to receive $5 off but it stays same price. Its these things that start adding up that become more frustrating and I hate complaining about petty things but when you're paying for a service you're looking forward to, it's disappointing when it doesn't follow through. I just hope by putting this out there someone else can relate and perhaps it will be easier to receive help by taking this route. I do thank you and appreciate all that you do and I know it's not easy to satisfy everyone all the time so I try to feel what it's like in your shoes helping out many people!

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We do understand your concerns and would like to assist you immediately. Please send us a private message with your phone number and security pin. We'll continue our interaction via private message.