Family plan??? Please help.


Family plan??? Please help.

I just bought 2 lg tribute hd boost phones from walmart. I took the first one and switch the number with my old phone. I activated the second one and sent it invite into the family plan. IT SAYS I ACCEPTED. Now it wants me to switch to a valid plan option with the other account so they match.
Main account plan: $35 Unlimited Data, Talk and Text with 3GB of 4G LTE High Speed Data. Add a Line for $30.
Invited family plan account plan: $35 6 gigs of 4G LTE High Speed Data with Unlimited Talk and Text, exclusive Walmart offer

Do you think it has something to do with the walmart offer? Theres no way to switch from the walmart offer to the main account plan. Can an agent help me. Maybe hook me up too 🙂 👇

I know now that i get a better deal with the walmart offer but i guess its too late. I put a $75 dollar re boost card on the main account... And it already took $35 out of that for a 'lone plan... When i first started trying to do this.
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Re: Family plan??? Please help.

@Family_plan_172 Hi there. PM us so we can follow up? - E.J.