Family Plans


Family Plans

Ok so basically I went into my local boost store and it says specifically on your website that adding a 3gb line is 30 bucks. Well the employee told me that that's only applies for the unlimited plan. Who is the one lying the website or the employee because I don't have enough money for 50 dollars per month.

Hi there, @Henry00! We truly apologize for the inconvenience. The 2 for $60 3GB of 4G LTE per line family plan is basically the $35 of 4GB LTE 4G plan, you are able to add $25 more and get another line linked to your line and save $10. The 2 lines for $80 unlimited plan is the normal $50 plan, you are able to link another line and get the same benefits by adding $30 more, that way you will be saving $20. You can get more information about our family plans by clicking here.


I added my daughters line to my family plan how do I know if everything transferred including her account balance

@Cortney2 Hi. Allow us to take a look. Could you send us a private message with the phone number and PIN?


- E.J.