Family Plan??


Family Plan??

So last month I switched to the family plan! YAY! I had brought 2 people to Boost and we all got $25 . %0 for me for bringing 2 people. So today I go to is where I am pissed. They both made sure they had their right amount in their account to pay thie bills and it charged me 114 for all 3 accounts!! WHYYYY BOOOOST???? Why even bother giving them credit and telling them they owe money when they are not paying, I am. Why cant they pay their portion on thier and? I woke up with interrupted service and had to fork out 64 dollars on top of my 50$ credit to pay the bills. Can they transfer their balance into mine?I am so **bleep** broke and so pissed off I could scream!!


Re: Family Plan??

Hey there! So sorry for the inconvenience. We'd be happy to help you. Please send me a Private Message with the phone numbers and PIN to further assist you.