Caller ID Spoofing / Text Message Records


Caller ID Spoofing / Text Message Records

I'm in Georgia and someone is using a caller ID spoofing app to hijack my number, sending harassing text messages to my girlfriend's ex husband that look like they came from my phone but in fact did not. I want to get a record of text messages sent and received from my phone to prove to her that those messages were not sent by me. On my Boost account page under account history, text it says "Please note: Outbound domestic text messages that do not effect the account balance are not displayed." How do I get these records? I don't need the actual content. Just a record of what numbers were sent texts by me and what number received texts from me over the past three months. Could it really be possible that I need a subpoena to get my own text records? Thanks for your help!


Re: Caller ID Spoofing / Text Message Records

Hi there, compwboost! Unfortunately, that information is not available. We apologize for the inconvenience.