Boost service interuption nonstop


Boost service interuption nonstop

Both phones on my family plan get no service randomly. We will go from 4 bars of LTE to nothing and sometimes it last 2-3 days at a time of our phones being completely useless. If I do not fit a account credit I will be switching back to Verizon.

Re: Boost service interuption nonstop

Hey there, Jmfuller45! Sorry for the late reply, and please accept our apologies for this inconvenience!


To better help you, please send me a private message including:


- The two phone numbers from the family plan.


- The PIN for each account.


- Your full home address. This information is needed to confirm if there's any network issue in the surroundings of your home address.


To send us a private message, just click on the agent's username (Hozuki_Robert in this case), and then look for the option that says "Send this user a private message".


I'll be glad to help you!