Back to school plan says 70 for 2 lines then why is it charging me 55 per line to join


Back to school plan says 70 for 2 lines then why is it charging me 55 per line to join

I am trying to activate my boyfriend and my new phones and make them under the back to school plan for 2 lines and 10GB each line for 70dollars. When i was looking to join our accounts it wasnt saying i could do that and the only way would be to make one of the accounts switched to the family plan to create it and then invite the other account to join. well with doing that i had to pay 55 dollars to start the family plan and then when i invited the other account in, it wanted me to pay another 55 dollars to join the plan...... WHY DOES IT SAY 70 DOLLARS and then want to charge me 120dollars with tax included to make this plan?? what do i DO????? I'm so confused!!


I'm in the same boat...when you figure it out, let me know.

Hi guys - I finally convinced my 23 year old son to move from Verizon to Boost Mobile when he broke his old phone on the 12th and Verizon wanted him to recontract. Went to the Boost Mobile store to buy him a new IPhone5S. We wanted the Back to School Family Plan ($65 per month with auto boost, 2 lines, 10gb data each) and it was recommended that we wait until my monthly renewal date (8/22) to make the change. So we signed him up for the $45 monthly.

On the 22nd, I went online and easily switched my phone plan (which will be primary) from the $30 single line plan to the new option - which was posted as $55 10gb family plan. As soon as I switched, I paid $55 plus tax ($59ish) and service showed active through 9/22. So far, so good. The website then allowed me to invite my son (in his 10th day of service) to move to the family plan. He received and accepted the invitation. THEN, things got confusing.

He received a message from Boost that in order to be added to the Family Plan, he had to switch his service to a "compatible" family plan. So he clicked the button to change plans, chose the same family plan as me, AND was charged $55 plus tax to do so.

Immediately, we both received messages that our family plan was active - my primary account received an immediate credit of $31.50 - his prorated time left from the single line plan. Then $15 dollars went here and there (not sure what that was about), and my account page updated to say we were on the $55 family plan with another line item for $10, total: $65 

My original $55 payment showed service active through 9/22 and $31.50 credit. Logging in under Kyle's SECONDARY number account online now showed that he was on the family plan with a 9/22 renewal date and a note stating the PRIMARY (me) line would pay that bill. Sitting on his account was a credit of $69.50. Written rules state an account balance cannot be transferred or refunded.

After much research and digging on this site and Boost Facebook, I sent a direct message via Facebook to Social Customer Care asking them to please transfer his credit to my primary acct. I provided them both phone numbers & PINS to look at our information online. After verifying the information, the rep messaged me to ask exactly what I wanted. I asked for his credit to be transferred so we could use it to make our next monthly payment. Within an hour, it was done. 
I know have a credit over $100 on my balance that will pay for September ($65) and most of October.  Since we plan to keep Boost as this program is perfect for us with our usage, I am not disappointed about not getting a refund. I'm just as happy with a credit that can be used for payment.

I'm pretty good at this kind of stuff (my son was quite impressed with what we accomplished), but the process was overly convoluted. I can see how it would frustrate many!

But bottom line, I'd suggest going straight to facebook, sending a direct message with your #s & PINS and specifically tell the rep what you'd like done.

So sorry for the wall of text, but I hope this helps some people who've chosen the family plan and want to lock in before 8/31. Good luck!