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I have been getting the run around for 3 months about my boost up eligibility.  From August  2017 to November to 2018, I had paid 15 consecutive months to qualify for boost up. The first attempt I made to take advantage of the offer I went to a boost store here in Las Vegas (August 2018) to get a new phone under the promotion boost up. The agent there checked my account and said they could see that I had made 12 consecutive payments but did not see any emails or communications in my account that I had qualified. After trying to correct the problem but failing to do so, she advised me to wait another month for their computers to update my account with the link to take advantage of the offer.

The next month rolled around and to my disappointment, there was no emails, links or text sent to me stating that I qualified for Boost up. The next several months came and went with the same advise to wait for the computer to update, but no such update ever happened.

Finally, I called today and was told the same story, not only did he give me the same story but now he was telling me that I no longer qualify because I failed to pay my bill on time in the month of Dec 2019. I told him the bill was paid on the same day and the reason the payment was late is that I had to change credit cards because the one on file was lost. How could they do this????


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Hi there! Sorry to hear that you’ve been experiencing this issue. Definitely wanna look into this for you. Please send us a private message with your phone number and pin code, so we can assist you.